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HomeAway Taichung

Taichung is a land of contrasts. Modern cafés find a place with classical teahouses to keep Taiwan’s tryst with tea simmering; and its modern architecture fits in perfectly with old temples from its colonial past. While Taichung is the unofficial capital of the region, a transport hub, and a base camp for hikers headed to …

HomeAway Taichung

Traditional Chinese temples; magical hot springs; and a breathtaking mountain terrain – that’s Taiwan in a nutshell for you. And come spring, if your bucket list has sakura viewing right on top, then Taiwan is exactly where you should head to – undoubtedly. The season for sakura in Taiwan is spread over three months and …


Taichung City is Taiwan’s third largest city, with modern architecture and an established international Asian business hub. Surrounded by natural beauty, the city is renowned for its outdoor activities in the mountains such as hiking and numerous parks with walking trails. Be sure to visit the scenic areas of Taichung such as National Taichung Theatre. …


Taichung is Taiwan’s third largest city and is popular for its beautiful scenery, historic sites and a thriving cultural scene.