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Welcome to Jeju-Do, the crown jewel of South Korea’s tourism. It is not hard to see why this stunning island with its volcanoes, beaches, waterfalls, and caves is hailed as a honeymooner’s paradise. But there is so much more to it than that. If you are wondering about a good time to visit, autumn is …

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Jeju — a honeymooner’s paradise, a family’s playground, and a solitude seeker’s perfect haunt. During springtime, Jeju’s otherwise splendid natural beauty hits a new peak. The highlight of this is the abundance of King Cherry Trees – sakura with the largest blossoms – that adorn the streets of Jeju. These trees form canopies under which …

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Come spring, South Korea will exuberantly flaunt its stunning ornament – cherry blossoms or sakura. They are an inspiration to artists, a muse to poets, and a prime attraction for tourists heading there March onwards. If you are planning a trip to The Land of the Morning Calm soon, here is the list of the …


  Jeju is a South Korean Island famous for its pretty beaches and impressive volcanic landscape. With a population of only a half a million people spread over an area three times as big as Seoul, Jeju has a laid back vibe.