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10 places where you must stay in a holiday home and not a hotel

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10 unique HomeAways for your holiday

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HomeAway Singapore Villa

The thought of Christmas brings along with it a merry mood and fills the heart with warmth and cheerfulness. If you are longing to experience Christmas festivities at a home away from home, look no further. We have specially selected 12 holiday homes at spectacular locations for your winter break. Make sure you book your vacation …

HomeAway Singapore

It’s that time of the year again. When we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to 2016 and ready ourselves for the New Year 2017. As you plan your year-end getaways, do ensure that you choose one of these fantastic HomeAways, in proximity to where the party is, and there’s plenty to choose from for the …

HomeAway Bali

We’ll be honest with you. There’s really no place in the world for which we consider a hotel to be the better option when compared to a holiday home. But we understand that there are times you do make that choice, and that’s forgivable – except in these places. Here’s HomeAway’s list of 10 places …

HomeAway Asia

‘Get out of your comfort zone’ – we’ve all heard this cliché at some point of our lives. But we’re here to challenge that. Why get out of your comfort zone? It’s named that for a reason. It is comfortable! While hotels with their fancy marketing phrases promise ‘unparalleled comfort’, we’re most comfortable only in …


Goa boasts of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the world. If you’re searching for a tranquil vibe, head to the more secluded beach of Mandrem in the northern part of Goa. Serene and scenic, Mandrem is preferred by honeymooners or those simply seeking to get away and spend a quiet time sunbathing while …