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10 unique HomeAways for your holiday

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Ever spent a day staring at stunning #travel pictures on Instagram? Wondered how you could enjoy similar vacations and share pictures that would make everyone want to book flight tickets the next instant? Asia has an abundance of picturesque, serene, natural topographies that’ll take your breath away.  Its beaches, mountains, culture, monuments and exciting culinary …


Singapore is often singled out as a shining example of a smart modern city, with many other metropolises looking to the Southeast Asian island-state for inspiration. Its forward-thinking attitude has seen it reinvent itself as a 21st-century wonderland, a place with eye-catching modern design and well-preserved historical sites, where technology and nature are both equally …


Head to some place new to ring in the New Year. We bring you the top places in Asia to start your New Year right. Seoul, South Korea Start with a special New Year’s Eve dinner, take a river cruise to watch the fireworks on the Han River and then stay awake to welcome the …

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‘Get out of your comfort zone’ – we’ve all heard this cliché at some point of our lives. But we’re here to challenge that. Why get out of your comfort zone? It’s named that for a reason. It is comfortable! While hotels with their fancy marketing phrases promise ‘unparalleled comfort’, we’re most comfortable only in …

Boracay Philippines white sand beach

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an instrument to define a personality based on the following parameters: Introversion vs Extroversion, Intuitive vs Sensing, Thinking vs Feeling, and Judging vs Perceiving. It is believed that everyone of us belongs to any one of the 16 personality types. While we are not sure about how accurate this is, it would …


Dubai is a one-of-a-kind destination. This metropolis redefines modernity and decadence with its sky-high buildings, luxurious lifestyle and surreal attractions. This city is an experience!