My getaway to Setouchi, Japan

 Hi, I’m Chan Won and I blog at I’ve recently partnered with HomeAway on an amazing trip in the Setouchi prefecture of Japan. I’m guest-posting on the HomeAway blog to share with you my awesome experience in Setouchi, Japan.

About Setouchi

So basically Setouchi is not a new prefecture or a specific place, it’s actually a region. A region popular among Japanese travellers for centuries because of its mild southern climate, soft sunshine and calm inland seas. This  region includes 7 prefectures = Okayama, Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Hyoga , Ehime, Kagawa, Tokushima.
The mission of the trip was mainly to explore this beautiful prefecture for a local experience. Whether it’s exploring the local food and the culture, walking around the street or just dining with my friends, traveling to the country side with lesser tourists, I wanted to experience the region like a local.

My Unforgettable HomeAway experience

I guess for those who have read my blog before; you know that I don’t really prefer sharing house with strangers during my stay mainly because I don’t like to share the toilet with other people. Also, I guess for girls it’s really dangerous if you have to share your homestay with another man or a group of men.

Not until I experienced HomeAway, I just can’t not share this vacation rental site with you guys. It is more private and you can enjoy the whole space with your family or your friends. This makes the whole experience more fun and enjoyable. I’m so happy that HomeAway listed and collaborated with Setouchi because it makes the whole booking process much easier with everything written nicely on their website.

Why? Because most of the private houses / apartments in suburbs of Japan are really hard to book. Either it’s all in Japanese or they don’t even provide online booking system. So it’s really hard for us book them ourselves since most of us can’t communicate in Japanese language at all. lol. Thank you HomeAway for making it happen by connecting everything in one place.

Search for Holiday Homes in Setouchi

Our HomeAways in Setouchi

The 3 listings we stayed during our trip were just amazing! No words can express my whole new experience staying in Setouchi. It was lovely and I felt at home. The owner of the house prepared breakfast for us every morning and took care of us like his own family. The breakfast was so yummy and I miss it now :'( Never thought the breakfast was included in our stay but this is why it melted my heart lol.

Another important note that I would love to share with you guys is…

All of our stays were surrounded by many nice local restaurants which serve great food and their locations are convenient for sightseeing in Uchiko Town.

#1 Machiya Cocoro

The first historic listing is an over 100 years old house that was newly renovated in Uchiko-town, Ehime prefecture.

You will be surprised that the entire second floor of this house belonged to us and it has a super huge living area which can fit up to 6 persons (best choice to travel with a group of family or friends). Also, we enjoyed our breakfast with a nice garden view which was located on the first floor. BTW, There’s also a cafe on the first floor!!

Our Lovely Beds

We even got a super-huge space for us to chill.

The super huge living space can fit up to 6 persons 

The garden was beautiful.

Me posing in the garden

This is the first floor where we get served our daily breakfast… Look at the whole interior!! Mad Love!

First Floor Cafe
We were served traditional Japanese breakfast
Our breakfast
And the super-helpful owner of our stay
The owner with his wife prepared breakfast for us every morning and helped us carry all our heavy luggage. How awesome would it be if my future husband can be someone like him who can cook delicious breakfast and know how to take care of us like a family!

 #2 Cocoruka 1

This house was originally a storehouse. For me it’s more than just a house. I love the scent of wood and the Muji style interior design.
The first floor of our house is the Japanese-style tatami living room.
 Also, a wooden-bath tub and a Muji style bathroom.

Storage Stairs
Insta-worthy spot xD
Now let’s take a look on the second floor. There is a bedroom with two double beds (which is modern bedroom style), can fit up to 4 persons and more people can be accommodated sleeping on futons (tatami style) in the living room on the first floor. Also, a tea corner and big full body mirror on the side of our bed.

Both the second and third stay had a beautiful courtyard right in front of the Japanese-style room. We even spotted a surprise guest, Mr.Raccoon which came to the courtyard and said hello to us! Overwhelmed with the amount of surprise that I received everyday during our trip. ahahahah!

Third day’s breakfast. OMG! Got sandwich and the fruit is way too good for me. Very tasty and for those who know me well, you know I don’t eat vegetables but this whole trip I finished all the veggie even Cheesie almost had tears for me lol.

#3 Cocoruka 2 

This stay is something similar to Cocorokura 1 because it’s just right beside it. It’s also a combination of modern and traditional Japanese style room. The second floor is our bedroom here as well.  They have added a lovely grey sofa which makes it look extra chic and insta worthy lol.
 I love the whole interior because it’s made of Japanese wood and am just in love with Muji-style.
My kind of view when I first enter our room. Perfect sunlight with perfect bed.

and here is my favourite corner!


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That’s all about it for our HomeAway stay experiences in Setouchi. It was totally amazing and I hope all my future stay in Japan can be as awesome as this. 一倒下去睡就直接睡到第二天!

The trip was extra awesome when you travel with the right person. Thanks Cheesie for everything including this opportunity and being my translator during the whole trip.
Oh yea, just to let you know that you can use my code ‘HomeAwayChanwon’ for your next booking on and enjoy the 8% off for your vacation home booking! Ps: if you are planning for your next vacation then hope this code can be useful for your next vacation booking. That’s all for today. Love, xoxo.
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