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It’s that time of the year again when a much-needed holiday beckons! You may not have admitted this to anyone yet, but you know your favourite part of any vacation is the shopping. Taking aimless strolls around the streets, perusing the goods unique to that place, observing what locals buy, picking up a smattering of …


There is something special about shopping. The feel of fresh fabric, the smell of leather boots, the gleam of a new necklace. Walking up and down 50 stores just to buy a gift for the one you love. Spotting the perfect dress and most importantly, finding it on sale! The joy of it all! Nothing …


Your idea of a perfect vacation? If it is a souped-up shopping spree that you cross borders for, then we hear you. After all you take time out to travel and you take time out to shop – and you do it separately. Why not combine the two and gift yourself the ultimate pleasure of …


Tokyo is an electrifying city. A seething and simmering yet surprisingly well-ordered and safe megalopolis, it is a place that seems to be permanently in flux. A hotbed of creativity, fashion, culture and cuisine, this is a city with far-reaching global influence. It’s a place where, at any one time, a million half-formed ideas are …


Situated in the northwestern area of Shikoku, Japan’s 4th largest island, Ehime seamlessly blends history, culture, and rustic beauty with the right touch of modernity. Well, while that’s actually true for all of Japan, Ehime is particularly known for being home to many fishermen and sailors, who were instrumental in defending Japan from pirates and …


Okayama brings with it the fragrance of ripe grapes and peaches, the sparkle of hot springs, the magic of castles, and the distinct taste of Japan’s antiquity. Blending the old and the new beautifully is this prefecture wrapped in gardens, malls, shrines, and canals. With its idyllic climate, picture-perfect landscapes, diverse activities, and gourmet delights, …


Known for its cultural richness, beautiful landscapes, stunning pagodas, and unique architecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture is perfect for anyone seeking a fulfilling trip. With its wealth of historic sites and castles, a Yamaguchi holiday will leave you recharged, ready to get back to the grind once back home. Time passes a little slower here; so, it’s …


Sitting pretty on Shikoku Island is Kagawa, Japan’s smallest prefecture. Pardon the cliché, but this place bears testimony to the old adage, “Good things come in small packages.” Daintily situated between the mountains of Shikoku and the sea, Kagawa’s location is perfect for the two things it is most famous for: art and architecture. It …


Hiroshima is a shining example of resilience. This prefecture bounced back soon after the heinous atomic bombing and amazed the world with its rapid growth and development. Known now for its museums, Okonomiyaki pancakes, gardens, hot springs and castles, this City of Peace attracts millions of visitors from across the world. If you want to …


When you arrive in Tokushima, and you look in any direction, be it north, east, south or west, you’re likely to see mountains. 80% of this beautiful Japanese prefecture comprises mountainous districts. Amidst the glory of the mountains, flowing towards the north, is the Yoshino River, regarded as one of the greatest rivers in Japan. …