Moment Makers: Kyoto, Japan

Akiko & Patrick Hochner creates perfect holidays for their guests, by providing an authentic traditional Japanese experience without compromising on modern amenities.

Watch how their passion drives the success of their business in the first Asian edition of HomeAway’s Moment Makers series!

You can book their amazing properties here:

1) Traditional Samurai Machiya Sanjusan:
2) Kyoto Toji Samurai Machiya:
3) Gojozaka Samurai Machiya:
4) Kyoto Gojo Samurai Machiya:
5) Kyoto Kiyomizu Samurai Machiya:
6) Kyoto Tofukuji Samurai Machiya:

The Moment Makers series follows successful vacation rental owners who are going above and beyond to create special experiences for their guests.

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