Impress Them With Your Photos – 7 Top Tips!

Having high quality listing photos is crucial. Your listing photo is the first thing that will attract potential travellers to your home. Nothing is more pleasing to a traveller than being able to imagine themselves right there in your home. That’s what great pictures can do – bring your home to life!

Follow these tips on how you can create inviting and appealing photos to showcase what your home has to offer to guests.


Plan your shot

1. Plan your shots

Think about the spaces that are important to you as a traveller – what are the most important spaces to cover? These will be your hero images to give a visual snapshot of your entire home to your guests.

Make sure you take photos of the most important spaces. These will be your hero images to give a visual snapshot of your entire home to your guests.

Here’s a checklist of the essentials:

  • Entrance
  • Hallway
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Toilets
  • Balcony
  • Pool
  • Garden

Once you have all the essentials, you can include photos of the views from your home and of your neighbourhood.


Use natural lighting

2. Use Natural Lighting

It is best to take your pictures during the day where there’s heaps of beautiful sunlight streaming in! It automatically makes your space look bigger and brighter. Having said that, we’d also recommend to include some images of your home in the evening, to show guests just how gorgeous your home can look at any time of the day.


Keep it clean & tidy 1

3. Keep it Clean & Tidy!

As a proud homeowner, you will definitely want to show your home at its best! It’s as simple as removing all the clutter – keep unruly cords hidden and unnecessary items like remote controls, newspapers, etc. off surfaces.

Importantly, make your bedrooms look more inviting by smoothing out the comforters and bed sheets. Use simple white or neutral-coloured sheets to create a sense of comfort.


It's in the small details

4. It’s In the Small Details

It wouldn’t hurt to have a few nice decorative touches that will brighten and add a little pizzazz to your pictures. While most would not notice immediately, the subliminal touches do make a difference to whether your room looks gloomy and boring, or homey and inviting!

Toss coordinating cushions on the couch, or drape a colourful throw over the bed. Place fresh blooms around the house or hang a quirky charm. You can even get more creative and strategically place coffee table books, candle holders or hang interesting artwork on the walls! But make sure not to overdo it…subtle touches can make a huge difference.


Get the right angle

5. Get the Right Angle

Once you’ve staged the setting for your perfect photos, it’s time to look at how to actually take them as best as possible:

  • Avoid wide-angled/fisheye lens that will distort your pictures
  • The best way to capture all the details in a room is either straight-on, or from a corner. Straight-on gives the best perspective, where it is most true to life. It also makes cropping easier if it’s required. Shooting from a corner helps to add a bit more dimension to the room without distorting it.
  • Landscape pictures turn up nicer on a listing page. Plus, it also allows you to capture the space better. We’d strongly recommend you to take pictures in a landscape format.


Order your pictures

6. Order your Pictures

We talked about covering the essential images, but it’s just as important to arrange them correctly in your listing gallery, designed for maximum impact. The first five images will be the ‘make-or-break’ ones, so be sure that they:

  • Include the essential spaces
  • Are unique, and feature a different space each
    (Our recommended order is: Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Bedroom, Toilet)
  • Note that the first image on your gallery will be the image that your listing will appear with on the search results page and any advertising so make sure you select a good one!

The remaining photos should feature the other room and areas, including the neighbourhood.  While HomeAway allows you to upload as many pictures as you like, the general rule of thumb is about 15 to 20 images.


Caption them!

7. Caption them!

If the pictures are the heroes, the captions are the critical supporting acts that help the heroes shine! Adding simple but well-described captions enable you to highlight and ‘sell’ specific features that may help to get guests excited to start booking your home.

A few good examples: ‘Spacious living room overlooking the park’, ‘Fully equipped kitchen, including a coffee machine’, ‘Master bedroom with king-sized bed, double-door wardrobe and an ensuite bath’.

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