Google’s Top Destinations For Singaporean Travellers

The fall of 2016 saw a general increase in staycation interest among Singapore travellers. As seen in the high placements of Singapore City and Batam, and significant placements for neighbouring Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. While the majority of the other top locations are major cities in Asia, Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul. London attracts a significant amount of interest in position 4, the only non-Asian location in the top 10, and only joined by New York, Melbourne, and Sydney in the top 15.

The top growing destinations are 3 of the aforementioned Asian cities; with Singaporeans searching more for vacation rentals in Tokyo, Taipei, and Seoul. This is reflective of a heavy domestic and intra-APAC search demand among Singaporean travellers throughout fall 2016.

Among the downward trending locations were Paris, Malacca, and Osaka. With Malacca and Osaka moving down to 11th and 14th positions respectively. While Paris dropped off the top 15 list altogether.

Top Destinations Searched on Google by Singaporean Travellers

  1. Singapore

  2. Bangkok

  3. Kuala Lumpur

  4. London

  5. Johor Bahru

  6. Taipei

  7. Batam

  8. Hong Kong

  9. Seoul

  10. Tokyo


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