Google’s Top Destinations for Hong Kong Travelers

According to Google’s Top Destination Survey done in the fourth quarter in 2016, residents of Hong Kong preferred domestic staycations over international travel during this period. The second most popular choice was Taipei. Japan alone had three cities on the list – Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto; They ranked on the 3rd, 4th, and 8th place respectively.

The survey showed that Hong Kong residents prefer to travel within Asia, with only one exception: London sat at No. 5 on the top destination list. Following it was Bangkok, famous for its exotic foods, luscious scenery and vibrant nightlife. Cotai, Seoul, and Shanghai are another three cities that made it to the list.

As for the search trends, London, Tokyo, and New York saw the strongest growth in the 4th quarter in 2016. On the contrary, popularity of Cotai, Sydney, and Paris for Hong Kong travelers was trending down, according to the survey.


1. Hong Kong

A vibrant and densely-populated city, it offers themeparks wonderlands like Ocean Park and Disneylands for families as well as numerous bars and shopping districts for other leisure travellers.

2. Taipei

From trying local delicacies to embarking on shopping trips and hikes on their mountains, there is an abundance of activities to enjoy in Taipei.

3. Osaka

With a blend of modern, vibrant shopping districts and stunning cultural gems, Osaka is a city where neon-clad buildings and friendly locals entice you into their myriad of shops, bars, and restaurants.

4. Tokyo

From shopping in Harajuku and enjoying the nightlife of the ever popular Roppongi district to offering plenty of historical sites for visitors to explore, Tokyo offers visitors a wide range of activities to enjoy.

5. London

With centuries of culture and heritage blending with cutting edge entertainment, architecture, dining and shopping in London, travellers would be spoilt for choices.

6. Bangkok

Thailand’s non-stop capital city is a city where different worlds collide while ancient Thai traditions echo upon every street. Whether in the grandiose temples, or in street food cooked using recipes handed down through generations, Bangkok has long fostered a reputation as a global tourism hot spot.

7. SeoulSeoul

Seoul is South Korea’s vibrant capital city, offering visitors a unique blend of the traditional and the futuristic. Walking the city rewards you to sights of ancient temples, grand palaces and stunning mountain trails.

8. Kyoto

A mix of traditional culture and emerging Japanese technologies, Kyoto offers endless opportunities to explore.

9. Shanghai

Spending time in Shanghai will be a whirlwind of history, exotic mystique, lively entertainment, and satisfying retail therapy. With a thriving creative arts scene, travellers can even peruse galleries and dance the night away to smooth jazz or up-beat electro parties.

10. Cotai

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