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From celebrations of the changing seasons to historical observances to religious rituals, the Asian Festival calendar for October and November is packed with exciting events. Every culture and country has celebrations that are fun and unique in their own way. We bring you a list of the most exciting of them all. Autumn Festival Across …

Chinese Lantern Display

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. This observance, which started as an occasion for families to celebrate the good harvest and pay homage to the moon, is now the second biggest Chinese holiday, after the Chinese New Year. Hong Kong, with its flamboyant style and deep traditional …


Rio de Janeiro, a sleepless, crowded city even during off season, will become even more busy during the Olympics.  Sights you would usually consider compulsory, such as the  Copacabana Beach, will be packed with  spectators and athletes that you may struggle to find a patch of sand big enough to lay down a towel. If …

Singapore fireworks grand prix f1

Inarguably, the F1 Grand Prix is one of the most exciting occurrences in Singapore’s annual calendar of events. Last year, the spectacular night race, held at the thrilling Marina Bay Street Circuit attracted an astounding 86,970 spectators daily, with a total of 260,912 spectators over the three-day weekend. Filled with music concerts, parallel racing events …

Brazil HomeAway Fernando de Noronha

Come August, and all eyes will be on Rio, Brazil – the host city of Summer Olympics 2016. But Brazil has much more to offer, even beyond the Olympics. HomeAway picks 10 of the best.


Mid-Autumn Festival is fast approaching (i.e September 15 ) and to welcome the Mid-Autumn month, we’ve asked you to share with us the best and/or most unusual mooncake favorites  in your city. Here are some of the interesting responses we received: