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Tian Yuan Temple

Culture meets capitalism – that’s the best way to describe New Taipei city. Home to over 2,50,000 private companies and a thriving technology, service, and tourism industry, the city is a massive contributor to Taiwan’s GDP. On the culture front, New Taipei city boasts of several temples, shrines, museums, and is also the epicenter of festivals – close to 5000 art, music and cultural events are held here annually. And of course, they take their love for sakura very seriously too! So when you’re in this part of the world around the hanami season, venture out in the direction of these great sakura spots in New Taipei City, and check into one of these nearby HomeAways.


HomeAway New Taipei City
Tian Yuan Temple

Historically a fishing and trading port, Tamsui district – named after the River Tamsui – is popular for the spectacular view it provides of the sun setting into the Taiwan Strait. And as you admire that, you’re likely to spot a few flying cranes too. Another sight Tamsui is equally famous for? Why, Sakura of course! The Wuji Tianyuan Temple in particular for the fabulous view of cherry blossoms it offers. But once you’ve had your fill of that, do remember to fill your stomach too with some of the best local delicacies that Tamsui has to offer – particularly the fish dumplings, a-gei (fried tofu stuffed with noodles in sweet and sour sauce), and iron eggs.

Where to stay in Tamsui

Maggie’s home close to MRT station:

HomeAway New Taipei city
Beautiful Apartment With Great Views Near Tamsui

This beautiful holiday home offers a fantastic view of the sunset from the living room. It comes equipped with all the facilities you’d normally expect, and the host will be happy to guide you about the best places to visit in the city.

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5-star, 2-bedroom luxury condo:

HomeAway New Taipei City
Luxury 2 BR Condo

This mega comfortable, spacious holiday home enables easy access to popular tourist spots. It also offers a spectacular view of the mountain and riverside, a perfect way to unwind after a day of sakura spotting!

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HomeAway New Taipei
Serene Mountains and Lake in Wulai

Famous for its hot springs, majestic mountains, running rivers, and gushing waterfalls, Wulai is quite the straight-out-of-a-postcard destination. Must-visit places here are the aboriginal cultural center, Wulai Old Street, the Wulai Scenic Train, and Wulai Tram Museum. There is plenty on offer in terms of activities, including birdwatching, fishing, camping, hiking, swimming and come March/April – sakura viewing. Tourist tip: local legend has it that bathing in the hot springs can cure a host of ailments. While we can’t endorse or refute that claim, it’s worth a try – if for nothing else but the sheer relaxation it’ll provide after a tiring, sakura-viewing day in the sun! The Wulai Scenic Area is the perfect spot to leisurely watch the full bloom of cherry blossoms.

Where to stay in Wulai

Holiday cottage surrounded by mountains:

HomeAway New Taipei City
Cottage Near Tourist Areas Of New Taipei City

If you happen to land up in this part of Taiwan with a large group, then this scenically located HomeAway will be perfect, accommodating upto 14 people. The beautiful backdrop of the mountainous region is its highlight.

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Private cottage close to Wulai Old Street:

HomeAway New Taipei City
Quiet Cottage Near Old Wulai Street

This lovely little cottage is located at just a 10-minute drive from Wulai Old Street, which is forever lively. Check out street shops, handicrafts, aboriginal dance performances, and sample the local delicacies on offer.

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