Best Sakura Spots in Kyoto

Kyoto is vintage Japan – boasting of beautiful Buddhist temples, gardens, traditional wooden houses, formal traditions, and Shinto shrines. Its status of being the former capital of Japan for over 1000 years has earned it the moniker of thousand-year capital. With such a rich history and ancient culture, it’s little wonder that Kyoto serves as the ideal backdrop for many when it comes to sakura viewing. Here is a list of some of the prettiest sakura spots in Kyoto, and the ideal HomeAway homes and apartments in and around them:

Kiyomizudera Temple

HomeAway Kyoto
Kiyomizudera Temple In Full Sakura Glory

Kiyomizudera, a UNESCO world heritage site that’s over 1200 years old, is one of the best sakura spots in Kyoto and is a remarkable sight during the season. The mix of cherry and maple trees add abundant colour to the atmosphere and people are usually seen by the droves, capturing images that serve as a photographer’s delight. From March 3 to 12, there will be special evening illuminations (flower and light displays) that look utterly beautiful. Do book yourself into one of these HomeAways, so you’re not too far from this fantastic sakura spot.

1. Comfortable 3-bedroom townhouse in Kyōto Fu: Experience the beauty of this traditional Japanese HomeAway located in close proximity to the Kiyomizu temple! Housing 5 guests and 3 bedrooms, it’s ideal for a small family or group and comes equipped with all the necessary facilities.

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2. Luxury Inn, Takeya Gojo East: This centuries-old home is a lovely, traditional Japanese townhouse fully renovated and equipped with modern amenities. Situated close to subway and train lines, it is ideal location-wise too, so you can get to your sakura spot in no time!

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Toji Temple

HomeAway Kyoto
Toji Temple Lit Up In The Spring

Toji is an iconic structure that stands tall among other pagodas. Quite literally, since it’s the tallest wooden tower in all of Japan. It is widely referred to as ‘the symbol of Kyoto’ owing to its historical and spiritual significance. While entry into the main temple is only permitted for a few days in a year, the location itself makes for a fantastic sakura spot. Stay close to this world heritage site so you don’t end up spending most your time in travel. Check out some of these great HomeAways to make your stay comfortable:

1. Modern house close to Kamo River No. 2: This tastefully designed HomeAway is situated in a quiet and peaceful location. In the words of the host, “it reflects the serene Kyoto village atmosphere.” However, this doesn’t mean you’re too far off, since the central Kyoto station is just a 5-minute cab ride away. And when you’re back home after your dose of sakura viewing, you can take a stroll around the famous Kamo River.

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2. 3-bedroom, 2-floor house near Kyoto station: This beautiful HomeAway has a traditional look and feel in terms of its furniture, with modern touches thrown in to keep pace with global travelers! Conveniently located, and with all the essentials in place, there won’t be any reason to complain if you book yourself here.

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Daigoji Temple

HomeAway Kyoto
Cherry Blossoms Bloom At Daigoji Temple

The first thing that strikes you as your enter this massive temple complex – located at the base of the mountain – is the stunning architecture. There is plenty of history here on offer, especially the Shimo Daigo area, where a five-storied pagoda holds the distinction of being Kyoto’s oldest verified building. As for a sakura spot, it doesn’t get much better than this. The weeping Cherry trees in the complex come into their blooming glory during early April. So get here in time and stay at one of these HomeAways close by:

1. Secret Garden House, Uji-Byodoin: We’re not quite sure what’s secret about the garden at this HomeAway but the fact that it’s absolutely lovely to look at (and of course to stay in) is no secret! It is equipped with all the possible amenities that your mind can reasonably conceive and is conveniently located too.

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2. Inariya in Fushimi, fully renovated 3-bedroom flat: The clean, artfully minimalistic look of this HomeAway is its highlight. It accommodates upto 8 people, so it’s perfect if you’re in a large group and looking for a place where everyone can stay together. The rooms are spacious and there’s even an indoor garden to relax in after a day out.

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