Best Beaches For Family Getaways Around Asia

Beaches – who doesn’t love them? They are the perfect solution to any problem; the perfect vacation; the perfect solace. Don’t we all love escaping the sterile concrete jungles we live in and relax on a serene white-sand beach with cool waves lapping at our feet? Add a bit of sunshine, a good book, a soothing drink and some great company to this and you are in heaven!

Time to snap out of the dream and check out these amazing beaches which can be your ticket to paradise.

1. Bang Rak, Ko Samui, Thailand

This pristine, white-sand beach is still not as commercialised as the other parts of Ko Samui. Bang Rak is known best for the majestic Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai) statue which has almost become the official image of Ko Samui. It is accessible through ferry from Ko Pha Ngan and is close to the Ko Samui International Airport too. The beach has its buzzing side too with loads of bars, restaurants, water sports and beach clubs.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Ko Samui
Lavish BeachFront Villa In Ko Samui

Wake up to the crystal clear waters of Bang Rak by staying at this beautiful beachfront villa. Spend your evenings soaking in the splendid view and savoring grilled seafood prepared freshly in the villa’s BBQ by your private chef. Now this is what we call an awesome vacation!

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2. Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand

An elephant trek, a fabulous cultural experience, splendid scuba diving and a relaxing Thai massage on the beach await you at Kamala beach. The spectacular performances at Phuket FantaSea, a cultural theme park on Kamala beach, is a must visit. Kamala has its own lively atmospheric market where you can find some of the tastiest street food you would have ever eaten and loads of quirky clothes and jewellery.  Don’t forget to grab one (or two!) yummy take-away food bags.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Phuket
Villa Cheloni In Kamala, Phuket

When in Kamala, stay at this modern Villa Cheloni, located just off the main road on Soi 8. The area is quiet but enjoys easy access to the tourist street. The villa comes with 2 double rooms, a living room, large kitchen, a large garden and your own private pool with waterfall and jacuzzi.

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3. Diniwid Beach, Boracay, Philippines

When you visit Boracay next, ditch the famed and therefore jam-packed White Beach for a much quieter Diniwid beach. You will not regret it. One bit. This little slice of heaven will leave you with ‘seen-once-in-a-lifetime’ sunset and the perfect family time.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Boracay
Rustic Beachfront Villa On Diniwid Beach

Wake up to the perfect greens and blues of the Boracay’s waters when you book this exclusive rustic cottage for your next trip. Curl up with an aromatic cup of coffee and your favorite book for some ‘me’ time or bring out the board games to enjoy the experience.

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4. Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Sanur is the perfect blend of the calmness and vibrancy Bali offers. This cluster of beaches promise to make your vacation interesting – you get to meet Bali’s rich marine life with Seawalk (no, you do not need to know swimming or diving) or dive into the cultural history by walking around the Le Mayeur Museum. If you are visiting Sanur in July or August, don’t miss the annual Bali Kites Festival which takes place on Padanggalak Beach.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Sanur Bali
Sanur BeachFront Villa, Bali

Just a few steps away from here is this picture-perfect luxurious villa which offers stunning views and the homely comfort you generally miss while vacationing. From a fully-equipped kitchen to multiple entertainment options, this spacious three-bedroom villa has it all.

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5. My Khe Beach, Da Nang, Vietnam

If swimming in the ocean is your agenda for your next beach vacation, pack your backs and head to My Khe beach. For most months of the year, this beach is ideal – small waves, the perfect temperature (around 25oC) and crystal clear waters. When you are there, don’t miss out on the scrummy seafood at one of the many beach restaurants.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Vietnam
Vacation Villa Near My Khe Beach, Da Nang

Check out this elegantly designed villa-styled accommodation near the beach. This property is huge and so is perfect for an unforgettable family reunion.

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6. Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali, Indonesia

If you are not in the mood to only relax on a beautiful beach on your next trip, why not do something more exciting? How does trying out some adrenalin-pumping water sports sound? From parasailing to wakeboarding, Tanjung Benoa has it all. You can also peek into the excellent marine life from a glass-bottom boat! For some soul seeking after all the fun, why not visit the ancient Chinese temple Caow Eng Bio or the architecturally-rich Balinese temple Pura Dalem Ning Lan Taman Beji.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Bali
Luxury Villa Close to Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali

Hop, skip, jump from this amazing beach and you will land in this luxury villa which is perfect for any family gateway. You will have access to a local phone, along with many other amenities during your stay.

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7. Sire Beach, Lombok, Indonesia

Sire beach could easily enter the list of the most beautiful beaches most of us have seen. Sunshine, sand, seclusion and serenity – Sire is all this and so more. With its soft sand and crystal clear waves, palm trees and Rinjani mountain (a massive active volcano) in the backdrop, your experience here will be unforgettable. It’s the perfect location for any family gateway.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Lombok
Private Pool Beachfront Villa In Lombok

Stay at this Javanese Joglo style house to max your vacation’s unique quotient. The living area’s design is very open thus allowing sprawling views from inside across the gardens to the secluded beach.

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8. Kelambu Beach, Sabah, Malaysia

If you want to avoid the typical touristy crowd found on most beaches, head to Kelambu; it is unexplored, secluded and pristine. While there are activities like skiing and speed boat rides, this beach is more for building sand castles and sipping your favourite drink while watching the marvelous sunset. And yes, we promise you will have beautiful photos as well as memories after your vacation here.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Sabah
Luxury Private Pool Villa Near Tip Of Borneo

Ditch your modern addictions like cellphones for a few days and reside at this gorgeous, remote beach-facing villa (yes, there is no cellphone network here). No, they don’t offer a landline either. And yes, work can wait. Kids can spend time frolicking around in the kiddie pool while you enjoy some romantic couple time.

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9. Siloso, Sentosa, Singapore

Despite being an island nation, Singapore isn’t quite renowned as a beach destination. It is indeed true that the nearby Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines are countries that anyone heading to a beach would think of. However, a beach destination in Singapore that attracts locals and tourist alike is Sentosa. Sentosa island is home to many family attractions like Universal Studios, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, S.E.A. Aquarium and Trick Eye Museum among others. We recommend taking the short monorail ride to Beach Station and walk down to Siloso Beach for a bit. The beach is small, but clean, has good sand for the kids to play in and has lifeguards on watch while you enjoy a dip in the sea. If you have more time on hand at Siloso beach, you could rent a bike or even a segway to explore the beach further.

Where to stay?

HomeAway Singapore
Modern, Plush Apartment Near Sentosa

Accommodation on Sentosa island is available in plenty, but restricted to resorts and hotels. Additionally, when staying at Sentosa, getting to and fro from the city to the island could be time consuming and inconvenient. Instead, we recommend staying at this brand new 3 bedroom apartment at Reflections at Keppel Bay, just a stone’s throw away from Sentosa. Located right next to Vivocity, one of Singapore’s most popular malls, this apartment comes with all modern amenities essential for a family’s comfort.

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