Autumn in Nantou County

If Taiwan had a heart, Nantou County would be it. Located right at the center of the country, this rural beauty is the only landlocked county in Taiwan. Nantou County, with its rustic rural feel, perfectly complements Taiwan’s modern urban face. With abundant natural beauty in the form of massive mountains and serene lakes, it hardly comes as a surprise that travellers fall in love with Nantou County instantly.

Top things to do

Hike up the Hehuan Mountain to soak in some unforgettable views during the day and gaze at the canopy of stars at night. Gape at the aquamarine beauty of the Sun Moon Lake and try the boating or biking there. Embrace therapeutic, emerald backdrops while your kids play with freely roaming sheep at Cingjing Veterans Farm or enjoy an unforgettable tribal performance at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village.

Ditch the ordinary this time around; it’s time to add a novel page to your travel diaries.

Top spots to watch autumn foliage

Nantou County’s splendor hits an all-time high when autumn graces it around this time each year. Various places in the county stand out as the ideal spots to view the autumn foliage in all its glory. Visit Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, Sun Link Sea Forest Recreation Area, Nantou Monster Village, and Sun Moon Lake Scenic Area to view abundant maple trees turn into a beautiful painting with shades of red, gold, and mauve. Watching these beautifully shaped leaves dance their way to the ground into vibrant heaps is surely an unforgettable sight.

Top places to stay

Your stay at Nantou County deserves a lot more than a boring, cramped hotel; it warrants beautiful, private stays that will add a distinctive warmth to your trip. Take a look at these HomeAways that fit the bill perfectly:

1. Duplex-style cottage

Homely, spacious, clean and stylish are the perfect words to describe this cottage ideal for a group of four to eight. With well-done interiors, cosy lighting and all basic amenities in place, you will have nothing to complain about during your stay here. After a long day of clicking great photos of the striking autumn beauty of Nantou County, come back and crash on one of the many comfortable beds in this cottage. Oh, and don’t forget to keep that mosquito repellent ready, thanks to the surrounding mountains and trees.

Average price per night: SGD 265

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2. Chinese-themed apartment

Located in the verdant setting of Puli, this traditional HomeAway will ensure you have an unforgettable stay at Nantou County. Decorated in mahogany, this unique home strikes the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Along with watching the famed autumn beauty of Nantou County, staying at this house will also give you the perfect chance to explore the rustic town of Puli. Located in a pretty valley, Puli has some inviting mountain trails, mild temperatures, and abundant fresh spring water that is sold in bottles outside. You will remember Puli’s delicious wine, architecturally beautiful Buddhist monasteries, and unmatchable simplicity.

Average price per night: SGD 128

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Luxurious suite

If you want all the indulgences of a five-star but want to skip the long check-in queues, noisy neighbours, and an unavoidable typical stay, book this colourful suite right away. With innovatively done up walls, interesting lightings, adorable curtains, and the use of colours throughout, this house promises an unforgettable stay. The suite has an attic bedroom, an indoor bath pool (yes!), and a balcony. Apart from enjoying the gorgeous maple trees in Nantou County, if you stay in this house, you can relax at the nearby hot springs and treat your eyes with lush green landscapes.

Average price per night: SGD 132

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