6 Awesome Ways to Get Away from It All

“Travel is like love, it is, in the end, mostly a heightened sense of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips like the best love affairs, never really end.” Pico Iyer

Travel has the power to do wonders for your spirit, body and soul however the desire to see and do it all sometimes turns holidays into a stressful affair that leaves you feeling exhausted. Here are a few tips we put together to help you plan holidays that enrich your lives and help you get away from it all:

1. Relax in nature’s lap

Nature is an infinite source of energy, harmony and beauty. A night under the stars, a sunrise from a cliff or a siesta listening to the hum of the ocean waves can do more for your soul than an expensive ticket to the amusement park or museum.

Langkawi’s landscape with its infinite different shades of green is the perfect getaway for a serene vacation in the lap of nature. The beautiful villa below is situated in a very secluded area with magnificent view over the hill-valley and large paddy fields as far as the mountains in the horizon. The sun rise and sun set views are glorious. Enjoy the beautiful tropical paradise of Langkawi perched up in this private heaven with your loved one.

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2. Make new memories with your family

With time being at a premium and an endless array of distractions that never seem to go away, getting away can be a great way to connect with your family and make memories that will last a life time. Have some real conversations, spend time pursuing your common interests, be a child again and show off your better self to the ones you love.

This dream 3 bedroom traditional Balinese style home with fantastic open plan living set amongst beautiful gardens and pool area is perfect for family getaways. Imagine all of you having a fabulous time in the pool, running around the lawn, catching a late breakfast in the lawns. What fun!

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3. Indulge in some great food

Food has the magical power to melt away your worries, elevate your mood and help you connect with those who share it with you. Travel to a foodie destination like Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong and indulge in some lip smacking fare on the street or in a gourmet restaurant. You can even enroll for a local culinary class and learn how to whip up some great dishes for the next party you host at home.

If your home away from home has a kitchen, you can shop groceries at a local market and cook a meal together with your family. Some of the strongest bonds are made over food.

This Lovely and relaxed modern apartment is located in the Bugis neighbourhood, renowned for the variety of street food and restaurants. You also have a contemporary, well-equipped kitchen where you can whip up a meal from local ingredients.

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4. Try Something New

A vacation is a great opportunity to try new experiences. Kayak, hike, zip-line or learn the basics of a new martial art form during your holiday. Chiang Mai, Bali and Phuket offer some great opportunities to satisfy your spirit of adventure.

Fancy an adventure trip? Rent this villa in Phuket and use it as your base while you head out for your adventure for the day. Connect with the host on a whole range of activities like Thai Boxing, horse riding, fishing,  hiking, climbing, golf, tennis, kayaking or diving. Back home after a tired day? Relax in your own private pool.

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5. Experience the Culture of a new place

Take part in a cultural or seasonal festival like the Sakura festival in Kyoto, Loi Krathong in Thailand or the Taiwan Lantern festival. Celebrating along with people of a new land can give you great insights into the culture and traditions of the place. If there is no cultural festival at the time you are visiting, take time to visit a local museum, art gallery and a market place. Stay in a traditional accommodation.

Ever wished to go back in time without sacrificing present day comforts? Located 300 m from the famous Toji Temple, in a quiet neighborhood this “Toji Machiya” transports you to the past. It has been renovated to provide you with all the luxuries of modern life while giving you an authentic glimpse of life in traditional Japan. You are sure to love the artfully decorated interiors with the majestic Samurai and the quaint Japanese indoor garden.

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6. End on a High

Splurge on that private villa with a spa and pool towards the end of your vacation. Having a fitting finale for your trip has a great effect on the memories you carry back home with you. Reserving your best accommodation option, most indulgent meal and that luxurious spa treatment for the final leg of your holiday will ensure that you sit on the plane back home relaxed, smiling and content and looking forward to your next trip.

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