12 Stunning HomeAways for 2017

HomeAway Chiang Mai Villa
Mesmerizing Private Pool Villa in Chiang Mai

We love (and fully endorse) spontaneous travel plans, but let’s face it: a little bit of   planning doesn’t hurt, and ensures you’re well sorted for that much-needed holiday, with no sudden, last-minute stress to ruin the fun. As we count down to the New Year, HomeAway brings you a list of the best holiday homes in 2017 for every month, all the way till Christmas 2017. When we’re spontaneous, we’re really spontaneous, and when we plan, we’re really mega planners! All in the name of you, our beloved travelers. So here’s the list:

1. January 2017, China (Beijing):

HomeAway China Jiakou
Great Wall Themed Home

If there’s one thing that’s as big as the New Year, it’s the Chinese New Year, celebrated between 28th and 29th January 2017. Where better to celebrate the Chinese New Year than – well – China. If fitness is one of your goals for 2017, why not scale the Great Wall of China, or if you’re not that adventurous, at least stay in this cosy holiday home that’s named after it! Located 73km North of Beijing, it’s nestled in the nearest village to Jiankou, a section of the Great Wall of China. Talk about beginning the New Year in awesome style !

Sleeps: 13 pax; Average price per night: SGD 891

2. February 2017, Indonesia (Bali):

HomeAway Bali
Beautiful private pool villa in Seminyak, Bali

February is that aww-worthy month when Instagram and Facebook explode with mushy pictures of couples professing their undying love for each other. It’s the month of Valentine’s Day after all, and one of the most romantic Asian destinations is Bali in Indonesia. So spend some – make that many – romantic moments at this minimalistic, beautifully designed modern villa where interruptions are non-existent, peace and tranquility prevail, and nothing comes between bonding time.

Sleeps: 6 pax; Average price per night: SGD 185

3. March 2017, Japan:

HomeAway Tokyo Apartment
Large, Fancy Tokyo Penthouse

There’s no doubt that Japan is one of the most developed and stunning-to-look-at countries in Asia. However, it also has the reputation of being among the most expensive to visit. That’s why we suggest the month of March – that highly anticipated appraisal and bonus month for many companies – where you’re rewarded (hopefully!) for several months of blood and sweat.  This 4 story/4 bedroom, super spacious designer holiday home with a rooftop terrace defies the mistaken generalization that all Japanese homes are compact!

Sleeps: 11 pax; Average price per night: SGD 586

4. April 2017, Thailand (Krabi):

HomeAway Krabi
Sea-facing private pool villa in Krabi

Good Fridays are really good – they stick to a certain day and don’t rob you of a holiday by ever falling on any other day, ensuring a long weekend every time.  This is followed by Easter Sunday, a day of spectacular celebration. But while the crowds rush to the most popular urban weekend getaways, we suggest you land up in Krabi and stay in this gorgeous, sea-facing holiday home. It’s just about the beginning of summer and you’re more than likely to avoid the maddening rush of metropolises like Bangkok.

Sleeps: 8 pax; Average price per night: SGD 385

5. May 2017, Thailand (Chiang Mai):

HomeAway Chiang Mai Villa
Mesmerizing Private Pool Villa in Chiang Mai

It’s only fair that Labour Day falls on a Monday – the day most people dread. Take advantage of the extra holiday and plan your dates around it. While any location, anywhere in the world, is a good one to choose a holiday home over a hotel, we recommend this one in Chiang Mai, Thailand which – with its pleasant, average temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius year round (Chiang Mai being a hill station) – is an escape from the summer heat seen in most other parts of Asia at the time. When in Chiang Mai, you’d do yourself disservice by settling for anything less than a splendid villa with amazing views of the landscape. We recommend this stunning Chandra Residence situated in the breezy foothills of the Doi Suthep Mountain to experience a blend of luxury, warmth and playfulness.

Sleeps: 8 pax; Average price per night: SGD 1,049

6. June 2017, Malaysia:

HomeAway Kuala Lumpur
Cozy apartment in the heart of Kuala Lumpur

Hari Raya Puasa, meaning day of celebration, marks the last day of Ramadan and is celebrated as Eid in many countries across the world. Malaysia, particularly, is a sight to behold during this time – with massive feasts laid out in popular joints and people dressed in ethnic wear. If you find yourself in Kuala Lumpur during this fantastic festive day, book yourself at this strategically-located, splendid holiday apartment so that you’re amidst all the fanfare.

Sleeps: 10 pax; Average price per night: SGD 126

7. July 2017, Hong Kong:

HomeAway Hong Kong
Modern living in Kowloon, Hong Kong

July 1st sends Hong Kong in a festive frenzy, with parades, flag-raising ceremonies, cultural shows, and a fireworks extravaganza on display. It’s the day that commemorates the Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Stay on after the celebrations if you have children. Kids love theme parks, and there’s plenty to do for adults too at Asia’s own Disneyland in Hong Kong. Of course, Hong Kong offers a lot more than just theme parks and festivals for the discerning traveller, and you won’t have a moment’s disappointment – even if you’re simply sightseeing. Choose this chic, modern apartment in Kowloon just 2 mins walk from Jordan MTR as your base to explore Hong Kong.

Sleeps: 8 pax; Average price per night: SGD 482

8. August 2017, Singapore:

HomeAway Singapore Penthouse
Penthouse Offering Panoramic Views of Sentosa

Singapore, while buzzing all year round, becomes even more alive on the 9th of August, which marks this beautiful country’s National Day. The stunning display of fireworks is unmissable and the entire festive atmosphere engulfs you in patriotic spirit. Be in the thick of all the action by staying at this stunning 4 bedroom penthouse that offers panoramic 270 degree views of the Bay, the Singapore skyline and a golf course. What better place to catch the National Day fireworks display?

Sleeps: 15 pax;  Average price per night: SGD 480

9. September 2017, South Korea:

HomeAway Korea Apartment
Large 4 Bedroom Apartment In Seoul

Come September, and it’s autumn in South Korea. We strongly believe that the autumn season is the best time to visit Korea in. The fall foliage dresses up Korea in hues of scarlet and saffron and spending some time in the parks and the mountains will make it a trip that you’ll forever remember. If spending most of your time in Seoul, we’d recommend visiting the Namsan Mountain, Deoksungung Palace’s Stone Wall Road and the Gyeongbokgung Palace to get a flavor of Korea’s most colorful season. For your stay in Seoul, consider this large 4 bedroom apartment in Hongdae that can accommodate a large party of 13.

Sleeps: 13 pax; Average price per night: SGD 262

10. October 2017, Sri Lanka:

HomeAway SriLanka Holiday Home
Garden Suite With Private Terrace in Colombo

While Diwali is a festival that is synonymous with India, it’s also celebrated in grand fashion in Sri Lanka – more so since it’s the only country, along with India, which features in the epic Ramayana tale that forms the basis of the reason behind this festival of lights. Visit Sri Lanka during Diwali to get the real experience of this splendid festival. This garden suite with private terrace holiday home in Colombo provides you everything, including safety deposit boxes, free wi-fi, laundry services, and even a personal bar and terrace! Even if you’re not here during Diwali, there’s plenty to explore in this lovely city.

Sleeps: 2 pax; Average price per night: SGD 194

11. November 2017, Thailand (Bangkok):

HomeAway Bangkok Apartment
Designer Bangkok Apartment

Chiang Mai is great for a summer, hill-station getaway but November is close to festive time, where you’re compelled to let loose your purse strings. So there’s no better place to go bargain hunting than in the retail heaven that’s Bangkok, where you can possibly find everything on your shopping list for the New Year – and then some. If you’re willing to live it up in great style in this party capital of Asia, we suggest you put yourself up in this rather fashionable and glitzy looking studio apartment that overlooks the city. Step out, shop, come back, repeat.

Sleeps: 2 pax; Average price per night: SGD 615

12. December 2017, Philippines:

HomeAway Manila Apartment
Beautifully Furnished Manila Apartment

Well, we are a long way away from December 2017, but here we are – recommending a holiday home pretty close to 2018 (serious planning indeed). Philippines is one of the Asian destinations, among some others, where Christmas is celebrated with abundant splendor. Why not bring in the New Year in Makati, Metro Manila at this fabulous holiday home that’s perfect in every way. And if you’re the sorts who would rather stay put at home on 31st night, it comes with a 100 mbps wi-fi connection and Netflix included, so you can just chill (pun intended) !

Sleeps: 6 pax; Average price per night: SGD 197


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