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Fall festivals that will warm your heart

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Autumn in Jeju-Do

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Autumn in Gangwon-do

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Autumn in Seoul

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It is said that every leaf turns into a flower in autumn. This couldn’t be truer in the East Asian belt where tourists flock to coastal towns for their pleasant weather and picture postcard landscapes. Yilan County just south of Taipei is one such place. The eastern coast of Taiwan is particularly beautiful and Taipei …


Known globally for its upscale shops, modern architecture, busy markets and a vibrant nightlife, Taipei City is on many travel bucket lists. If you are wondering when to visit the Taiwan capital, there couldn’t be a better time than autumn. With welcoming temperatures and striking natural beauty, Taipei City promises to give its visitors unforgettable …


If Taiwan had a heart, Nantou County would be it. Located right at the center of the country, this rural beauty is the only landlocked county in Taiwan. Nantou County, with its rustic rural feel, perfectly complements Taiwan’s modern urban face. With abundant natural beauty in the form of massive mountains and serene lakes, it …


Okay do Hokkaido. We promise we’ll rhyme better next time. It’s probably the laid back lifestyle here compared to the rest of Japan that influenced our lazy rhyming. Hokkaido makes for about 20 percent of Japan but is home to just about five percent of the population. The area faces harsh climate in the winters …


Tokyo isn’t just the fast-paced, high-tech metropolis symbolic of present-day Japan. Nature blends itself in seamlessly amidst all the modernity, more so in autumn, when colourful leaves spread across the capital city of Tokyo around November and December like cherry blossoms spread in spring. The city has a lot of gardens and parks lined with …


Classical Buddhist temples, lush gardens, imperial palaces, traditional wooden houses – Kyoto is vintage Japan. Tokyo and Kyoto are anagrams, and that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. The two cities couldn’t be more different. The former represents the flawless modernity and high-tech feel that is synonymous with the modern-day image of Japan while the …


Picture yourself reminiscing on a rainy afternoon or looking back at memories as you stare at the myriad colours of the ocean ahead of you. Chances are that you are thinking of some precious moments you have spent with your family. Laughing at secret jokes, spending a lazy afternoon, or travelling together! From the cosy …


 Hi, I’m Chan Won and I blog at I’ve recently partnered with HomeAway on an amazing trip in the Setouchi prefecture of Japan. I’m guest-posting on the HomeAway blog to share with you my awesome experience in Setouchi, Japan. About Setouchi So basically Setouchi is not a new prefecture or a specific place, it's actually a ...

Does your vacation dreams feature soft sand between your toes, palms swaying in the gentle breeze, an island where it is just you and the people you love, falling asleep to the sound of gentle waves and waking up to enjoy a beautiful, serene morning? Langkawi is the stuff of dreams. An island which can …


Ever spent a day staring at stunning #travel pictures on Instagram? Wondered how you could enjoy similar vacations and share pictures that would make everyone want to book flight tickets the next instant? Asia has an abundance of picturesque, serene, natural topographies that’ll take your breath away.  Its beaches, mountains, culture, monuments and exciting culinary …